Phase II: Insights from Tomorrow’s Engineers asks students for their views on the strengths and the weaknesses of the current chronological curricula structure and teaching methodologies. The aim of these discussions will contribute to better understanding student perspectives on two key questions:

  • How the culture of engineering education could better adjust to the strengths of individual engineering students?
  • How the engineering education experience be transformed into an exciting program of study that will draw in and motivate students thereby reducing the need for requiring massive recruitment initiatives and retention programs?

The students have been selected through a competitive process. Engineering school deans were asked to submit nominations from their institution based on the following criteria:

  • Disciplines: Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Chemical Engineering – or programs broadly representing or related to the four major areas of engineering
  • Year: Junior, Senior and Graduate
  • Display leadership skills and are involved in extra-curricular activities.
  • GPA above 3.0.


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